Building Automation

One of our core strengths is our knowledge in controlling all mechanical devices in your building. Whether it's digital communications, low voltage control signals, or variable-frequency motor control.
We control it the correct way.

Our panels use a Tridium NiagaraAX based controller which gives you many benefits; including remote web access, e-mail alarms, trending, and the ability to integrate to almost any 3rd party device of your choosing.

Download the brochure below for a detailed list of capabilities.

Automation Panel (Niagara AX) Brochure
Technical review for setting up remote, and 3rd party, communications


Web Interface

Custom graphics will allow you to review and diagnose your system more easily compared to having just a lists of data points.

  • Quickly review and adjust settings
  • Review alarms and history trends
  • Use any browser and access from anywhere
  • Password protected



Trending and Alarms

With NiagaraAX you get the benefits of receiving e-mail alarms and built-in trend graphing.

  • Alarms based on numberic range or status
  • Alarms are handled through Web-UI or can be e-mailed out
  • Trends are stored internally or can be stored off-site longterm
  • Build custom graphs through Web-UI
  • Compare multiple trends for better diagnostics

Communications and integration

At the heart of the system lies the JACE controller. Running NiagaraAX, you can control your devices digitally over a variety of protocols:

  • LonWorks
  • BACnet (IP or MSTP)
  • Modbus

The system also allows you to integrate directly over these protocols to 3rd party control systems.


JACE controller, blue plastic box