Como OT

Como OpenTherm

Room Thermostat with OpenTherm Communication

Como OT is a digital thermostat, primarily for use with high-efficiency modulating boilers. The OpenTherm protocol requires only two wires for both power and digital communication. The communication between boiler and thermostat, combined with outdoor temperature, ensures the most efficient setpoint calculations.


The Como OT can be used with any OpenTherm-enabled boiler and features an easy to use menu that will require minimal adjustments after the initial setup.

The digital communication allows you to see boiler temperature, modulation level and all calculated setpoint values.

The main screen shows (in Celsius or Fahrenheit):

  • Active schedule on 24 hour clock
  • Outside temperature or boiler temperature
  • Time and day-of-week
  • Current room setpoint
  • Active operating mode

The front flap can be opened to access a more detailed menu for configuring and reading data.

The device also has a temperature adjustment wheel to temporarily modify pre-programmed temperatures, as well as three buttons to quickly modify operating mode and extend or reduce heating periods (Economy and Party modes).


  • Outdoor temperature for smarter setpoint calculations
  • Scheduling allows you to save energy when it's not needed
  • Digital communication allows for a precise boiler setpoint (in leu of traditional on/off systems)


Como OpenTherm has two-wire communication that complies with the OpenTherm standard. The unit is therefore designed exclusively for use with gas-fired wall-mounted boilers that support this protocol. OpenTherm Logo

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  • Easy operation thanks to plain-text display in 6 selectable languages
  • Easily modified room temperature by use of dial
  • Clear indication of time schedules
  • Programmable daily timer with three operating times per day
  • Room temperature can be set for any operating time
  • Economic temperature settings for night time reduction or ECO mode
  • Party key (time program extension)
  • ECO key
  • Holiday program for 99 days
  • Frost protection

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